What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is an approach to the study of movement. It helps you to eliminate unnecessary tension while learning to move in an easier, more effective way.


The Technique focuses on the unconscious, habitual ways in which we use ourselves - our patterns of posture, our movement and our responses to stress and pressure - and teaches us to have conscious control over these aspects of ourselves. Our patterns of posture and movement are part of our unconscious behaviours. When we are made aware of unconscious patterns that cause us to misuse our body, we can evaluate them consciously and bring about changes to them.

Poor posture, movement habits and unconscious muscular contractions underlie a wide range of dysfunctions such as sciatica, back pain, neck pain, knee pain, muscular and joint pain, migraines and tension headaches, most voice disorders, RSI, breathing problems including asthma and a wide range of other symptoms. Alexander Teachers can correct these underlying problems by correcting posture, movement and unconscious activity.

Besides being used to reduce or eliminate physical pain and dysfunction the technique can also be used to develop and refine a wide range of skills. The technique is taught at the majority of elite performing arts colleges throughout the world. In Melbourne, Alexander technique teachers work at the Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM) and the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA); in Sydney - the SCM NIDA. The Alexander Technique is also used by many and sports-people to improve performance and to prevent and deal with injury.

Alexander Teachers have had extensive training in observation of patterns of usage, how the body is used, and in using their hands to help students move out of their patterns of misuse. The experience of being trained often brings about conscious revelations about how our body usage affects our mental or physical condition. This method of conscious guidance was developed in Melbourne over 100 years ago by F. Matthias Alexander, an actor who lost his voice, and is now taught throughout the world.

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