Alexander Technique for Musicians with Janet Davies

When: Sunday Dec 11th 2016
10am - 5pm
Cost: $250, $200 Concession - Maximum of 8 participants

Workshop in Alexander Technique for professional musicians and advanced students with Janet Davies -  Alexander Technique and  Violin teacher

This workshop targets the practical application of Alexander Technique to all aspects of playing and performance.

Janet’s work is supported by 30 years of study and experience in applying AT principles to music pedagogy and performance. She is an international leader in the field.

Her unique and innovative teaching methods combine wide musical experience, skilled hands-on work and a detailed knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and modern instrumental pedagogy. She unpacks and demystifies the ‘intangibles’ of AT for musicians in such a way as to support their musical endeavours and facilitate immediate improvements in all aspects of playing and performance.

Why you should do this workshop:

Musicians world-wide use the   Alexander Technique [AT] to reduce playing-related pain, excess tension, nerves and stress and to improve instrumental technique, performance levels and practice effectiveness.

AT can be applied in situ during all playing, practising and performing activities.

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