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Alexander Technique and Back Pain

One of the most common applications of the Alexander Technique is in the resolution of back pain and aches. A large scale clinical study published in the British Medical Journal has shown that "lessons in the Alexander Technique led to important patient improvement in function, quality of life and reduction of days in back pain". The randomized, controlled trial involving 579 individuals with chronic, non-specific lower back pain assessed the benefits of surgery alternative therapies such as massage therapy and general practitioner care. It offered clear proof that of all the approaches tested, the Alexander Technique proved to be the most beneficial as a long term method of reducing back-pain.

An Alternative to Medical Interventions

The results are no surprise to those who are familiar with the Alexander Technique as an alternative therapy. Every day, we see people who've tried it all - chiropractors, physiotherapy, heat treatment, massage, exercise and drugs - with no results.

The Alexander Technique is different. We deal with the underlying causes of the pain. Poor posture, faulty movement patterns and chronic muscular contraction are all conditions which result in tension and pain but which usually go unnoticed by medical professionals. These are the very things that often lead to recurrent or chronic pain.

With gentle guidance from an Alexander teacher, your posture and movement will improve, and you will begin to undo chronic muscular contractions. As you progress, the associated pain will begin to soften. Often after just one or two lessons, a student will notice behaviours and be able to make positive changes in themselves.

The School offers private lessons and a range of courses in Melbourne for those suffering from back pain.



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