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David Moore's Canterbury Workshops
15 - 16 June, 2024

Private lessons 17 June

Venue - Concorde House Clinic

Fee: £240 for 4 workshops, £130 for 2 and £70 for one
Earlybird before 1 April = £210, £110 and £60

David Moore is offering four workshops related to the Alexander technique  during his visitg to Canterbury in 2024.l. You can attend one or all four of these. They are all practical workshops in which you will learn tools to improve your ease and functioning in daily life.

Heal your feet and knees - Walk with ease  - Saturday 10am - 1pm

In this workshop we will look at how to change habitual patterns which create postural distortions, pain and limitation of movement. This workshop will look at beginning to reverse this process.

Improve your posture and movement Saturday 2 - 5pm


This is a practical workshop covers methods for alleviating foot dysfunctions including plantar fasciitis, flat arches and bunions, and knee pain. Participants will be introduced to principles of the Alexander technique in order to better understand the direct influence whole body balance and coordination has upon the feet and knees. 


We will examine and work with everyday walking patterns which can have a dramatic influence on how the forces of gravity work through the feet, legs and whole body, for good or ill.  The workshop will also cover practical anatomy as well as simple yoga postures for re-activating the feet.

Smart Yoga - Applying the Alexander technique to yoga - Sunday 10am - 1pm

This workshop focuses on an approach to yoga based on David Moore's best-selling "Smart Yoga: Apply the Alexander technique to enhance your practice, prevent injury and increase body awareness" 

This workshop will focus on how to modify and choose postures to suit the range of individual differences presented at the workshop.

Free Your Breath and Voice with the Alexander Technique - Sunday 2- 5pm

This workshop focuses on how to improve your breathing. The technique was developed out of a successful attempt to fix the founder's vocal and breathing difficulties. This is a practical workshop to putting into practice some of his discoveries to apply to yourself

Davd Moore has been teaching the Alexander  technique and yoga for over 35 years and runs training courses for Alexander teachers and yoga teachers in Melbourne, Australia. He is a registered Senior Teacher with Yoga Australia  and is the author of "Smart Yoga: Use the Alexander technique to enhance your practice, prevent injury and increase body awareness."


What people are saying about David Moore 

"I have now been working as a yoga teacher for almost ten years and I have had the pleasure to work with many differently bodied people, including lots of people in chronic pain. I have seen the wonders that yoga has done in gently untying the emotional, physical and mental knots that people's lives, habits, choices and luck have created. I am and will be forever grateful to yoga's incredible transformative power. And yet, sometimes in my teachings, I would feel stuck in giving the right advice to students with certain deeply ingrained physical habits of coordination. My yoga teacher training did not prepare me for that level of analysis. Last July, I had the pleasure to host David Moore and Rossella Buono, in a six hour workshop at our studio in English Yoga Berlin. They brought the Alexander Technique into yoga and into my life. They provided me with the missing link" - Pinelopi -teacher at English Yoga Berlin

I have lived with chronic pain for many years and this yoga has helped me so much. Each teacher has adapted poses for my needs and taught me how to tune into the needs of my own body. Can't thank David and the other teachers enough, - Marid Thorpe - yoga student, Melbourne

Great yoga teachings, learning to perform the moves and stretches in keeping with the design of the body, and how we're meant to move. Love it! - Helene Goldberg - Alexander teacher in Melbourne

What people are saying about the book "Smart Yoga"


Smart Yoga is a useful guidebook on navigating the Alexander Technique with yoga practices. The book is filled with diagrams and photos throughout to complement the text.

The book explores tadasana, floor stretches, squatting poses, standing poses, twists, forward bends, backbends, hip openers, inverted poses and plank variations in great depth. I would recommend the book to anyone curious about the Alexander Technique and wanting to go into more details on the principles underpinning the methods as it relates to various yoga poses.

It’s great to get another layer of perspective applied to poses, especially in preventing injury and building greater body awareness. I found the background and development of the Alexander Technique fascinating and can see how it would complement yoga practice. - from Yoga Today, the magazine of Yoga Australia

 "This book is a must-read for modern day yogis searching for optimum coordination in poses to help them avoid the trap of trying to do yoga poses in a way that reinforces harmful patterns of thinking and movement" - From Amsat News - magazine of American Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique. - Suzanne Faulkener




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