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Canterbury Yoga & Alexander Technique

Friday July 17 to Sunday July 19, 2020

Price: £220, early bird £200 for booking before 15th of May.

Join David Moore (author of Smart Yoga: Apply the Alexander Technique to Enhance Your Practice, Prevent Injury, and Increase Body Awareness)  and Rossella Buono author of  “For the Love of Games.”

This Smart Yoga and Alexander Technique workshop consists of 3 days in which we will develop an individualised practice and an understanding of the uniqueness of your own awareness in movement and at rest.

Alexander yoga encompasses a whole way of mindful living.

The practice does not end on the yoga mat, but involves the development of our awareness to how we are living and moving in all aspects of our lives. Besides examining and refining yoga poses we will be looking at everyday activities as simple as walking, standing and sitting.

The workshop will offer an active and practical investigation of:


  • Coordination and posture from an Alexander Technique perspective

  • Modifying yoga poses

  • Breathing

  • Deepening observation skills

  • Meditation

  • Identifying and overcoming habits

  • Doing and non-doing

  • Developing an individualised practice

  • Working with groups

  • Anatomy

10-11 intro AT principles
11-1 Yoga class
1-2 Lunch
2-2.30 Relaxation
2.30 - 4.30 groups - Anatomy, Individual habits and relationship with yoga poses
4.30-5 Meditation and reflection

10 - 12 Yoga Class
12 - 1 Groups - standing, sitting, walking, bending etc
1-2 Lunch
2 - 3 Group - Breathing and voice
3 - 4.30 Group
4.30 -5 Meditation and reflection

10 -12 Yoga Class
12 - 1 Groups - Yoga adjustments, how to
1-2 Lunch
2- 4.30 General review and group
4.30 - 5 Meditation and conclusion

For who: For yoga and Alexander teachers, but also anyone with an interest in yoga or the Alexander Technique.

Teachers will receive a certificate of participation for this workshop.

Where: Concorde House Clinic 26a Stour St Canterbury CT1