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Public Talk by Carolyn Nicholls
“What you think and how you think it: a consideration of spirals in our lives”

Thursday 17th May 2018 from 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Cost: $15 Full; ​$10 ​Concession; SOFMAS trainees no charge.  

Limited seating ~ book to reserve a seat

Pay at the door ~ cash only ~ no credit card facilities available

My many years of experience of teaching both myself and other people has lead me above all to value the quality of thought. The way we think, how we literally talk to ourselves has a profound effect on how we embody our own thinking- or not. My own thinking, understanding and reflection covers the same concepts over and over again- like visiting a familiar place, except that I see it with new eyes every time. Ideas previously in my peripheral vision come into focus on a return visit to the familiar territory, and are both deeply familiar and sparkling new. It is a spiral learning pathway. One question I always ask myself is “Where is the gift?” and often it turns out to be a deeper experience of inhibition rather than a startling revelation. But then I understand that this is the gift and I am content! This is the material I will be exploring in my talk and I invite your questions and thoughts.

Carolyn Nicholls  (mostly called Lynn) trained with Walter and Dilys Carrington at The Constructive Teaching Centre in London,  (qualifying in 1979…!) and spent a year as Dilys’s apprentice studying the specialised training of the use of the hands. Her documentation became an invaluable guide book for teachers and formed the foundation for many Heads of Training Courses who wanted to teach ‘hands-on’ skills in depth. 


You can preview the book ‘Notes on the work of Dilys Carrington’ here:


Carolyn holds an MA in Alexander Technique Teacher Training and another MA in creative writing and combines these skills in her teacher-training course. Her teachers are renowned not only for their manual skills, but also for their communication abilities. This gave rise to another book. ‘Cooking up! Cake, Soup and Inhibition’ . It contains delights such as ‘Semi-soup time.’ And ‘The Universal Constant in Sieving’


Carolyn’s two ‘AT’ books ‘Body, Breath and Being’ and ‘The Posture Workbook’ continue to sell strongly and have been translated into Dutch and Italian. Both are available through Amazon. Other writings, both AT and creative writing are available through iTunes books


Carolyn is the AT consultant to the Back Pain trials run by Southampton University School of Medicine headed by Professor Paul Little. She is currently tinkering with a new protocol she developed for the Southampton Research team, incorporating small group session and individual lessons as an economical approach to Back Pain, the aim being to get it adopted by the NHS (UK). 


Carolyn has given three F. M. Alexander memorial lectures. These, and her MA thesis, which was performed as an Opera ‘Gravity and Light’ at the 2004 AT congress in Oxford, are available from her college website