Alexander Technique Intensive 2020

This course is taught as part of our teacher training course. Because we can't do the face to face course at the moment we are doing a two hour online Zoom Session. Each session includes a group focusing on some aspect of voice, breathing and coordination and a small performance group. (The performance groups involves the teacher working one on one with each member of the group on whilst talking , reciting or singing.

Each group is limited to 5 participants.

People attending this course have ranged from professional singers, radio announcers, school teachers, singing teachers, actors, public speakers and people with voice problems.

If you wish to apply to join one of these groups please email with details of any Alexander technique experience and you particular interest in voice.

Wednesdays 10.30am - 12.30pm
 6 weeks starting 23 September, 2020

Price: $300

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