Heal Your Feet: 
Special Seniors' Week Workshop

Wednesday 9 October 2019
2.00pm to 4.00pm

Cost: $20


Join David Moore for this practical low impact workshop examining alternative methods for alleviating foot dysfunctions including flat arches and bunions. Participants will be introduced to principles of the Alexander technique in order to better understand the direct influence whole body balance and coordination has upon the feet. The workshop will also cover yoga postures, exercises for re-activating the feet and Body Mapping.


Looking after your feet is especially important as we get older. The condition of our feet affects balance, posture and mobility in your everyday life and activities. 

This session is part of the Victorian Seniors' Festival program and will be run by David, an Alexander Technique teacher of 35+ years experience, the Director of the School for F M Alexander Studies, and, author of a best-selling Smart Yoga: Apply the Alexander Technique to Enhance Your Practice, Prevent Injury, and Increase Body Awareness. 

The Alexander Technique is an approach to the study of movement. It helps you to eliminate unnecessary tension while learning to move in an easier, more effective way in daily activities. During this workshop David will introduce you to the basic principles of the Alexander Technique from a practical perspective and how they can be used by seniors to improve their posture, balance and coordination from the ground up.

During the afternoon we will look at how participants stand and walk in a way that is easy on the body and potentially can prevent and alleviate tension, pain and restriction. 

David Moore is an avid walker who enjoys multi-day hikes in wilderness areas across a great variety of terrain.  He finds the awareness that comes from the Alexander Technique enormously useful in maintaining good body use and avoiding injuries. 

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