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Jenny Thirtle

Alexander Technique in Melbourne

Jenny is the Assistant Director and Teacher at The School for FM Alexander Studies teacher training school since 2003. As part of her work at the school, she runs groups and master classes for the voice and performance day.

Since graduating from the Melbourne Alexander Teacher Training School in 1996, Jenny has also maintained a private practice where she teaches musicians and members of the general public who are in pain.  She has run 12-week courses at the Victorian College of the Arts Music Dept and the Melba Conservatorium for their Bachelor degrees. Currently, she is teaching at the VCA in the Drama Department.

Other organisations where Jenny has run workshops include Monash University Music Department, Suzuki Music Association, Wesley College, MacRobertson Girls’ High School, Melbourne Girls College and Copperfield College.


Prior to her Alexander training, Jenny studied and performed as an Opera singer.  She began her music training in 1979 in Wellington as a Clarinetist.  She played in many groups and orchestras including the Youth Orchestra of NZ.  She decided to take up a second study of voice, and was fortunate to be offered a traineeship with the NZ Opera Company in 1982.  She performed numerous roles and oratorio up until she left to go to the UK in 1984 to take up a study grant from the NZ Arts Council.


Whilst in the UK, Jenny studied singing, languages and all things relating to performance, and this was where she came across the Alexander Technique.  After pursuing her singing career for another 8 years, the Alexander Technique became of such interest, that Jenny decided to undertake training in Melbourne, and bring her knowledge of performance and singing and the Alexander Technique together.

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