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Alexander Technique & Parkinson's

A workshop for people living with Parkinson's, and, their care partners

Friday 9 November

Registration: 1.10pm
Session: 1.30 - 3.30pm
Cost: $20 (paid in advance)


This workshop is endorsed by AUSTAT, the peak body for for teachers of the Alexander Technique in Australia. AUSTAT regulates education and training in Alexander Technique nationally.  

The Alexander Technique class has had a fundamental and transformative effect on both my PD symptoms and on me as an individual with PD.'

Richard Kurtz, Alexander Technique class participant.

This introductory workshop is for people living with Parkinson's and their care partners. Join David Moore, the Director of the School for F M Alexander Studies for over 20 years and author of best selling book 'Smart Yoga' and other experienced Alexander Technique teachers in this enjoyable and practical group class which will explore in a gentle considered way how balance, coordination and activities of daily living may be improved by the application of the Alexander Technique. 

About the Alexander Technique & its Application to Parkinson's

The Alexander Technique works to improve balance, proprioception and coordination. It does this by gradually modifying posture and coordination thereby improving muscle tone, responsiveness and flexibility of the spine. 

People with Parkinson's have found the Alexander Technique to be useful in the following: 

Balance, gait, mobililty, increasing vocal volume, calming the nervous system, falls prevention, breathing techniques, facial masking, freezing, reducing depression, sitting, standing, walking, improving overall body awareness. 

Alexander Technique is an integrated pyschomotor approach. Through a series of individual lessons or group classes, people living with Parkinson's can learn how to: ​

  • better manage motor symptoms during everyday activity;

  • choose functional patterns that promote better postural tone, reduce back and neck pain, improve balance and gait;

  • apply these skills consciously during physical therapy, occupational therapy or speech sessions or exercise programs;

  • apply these skills independently even if unable to engage in physical exercise;

  • care partners may become more active and skilled partners in overall care.

CLICK HERE for a case study of working with Parkinson's and links to a number of videos and  scientific papers

CLICK HERE to watch a short video of Alison Wood (PD diagnosed 15 years) talking about how Alexander Technique assists her in walking.



School for F M Alexander Studies

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Fitzroy North   VIC   3068

Telephone Enquiries: 9486 5900

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