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 11 - 15 April 2025

Maitripa Contemplation Centre near Healesville

Price: $1,695

The School has been running a residential course annually for 25 years, except for 2020 which was cancelled due to the coronavirus. In addition to our Melbourne trainees, it has been attended by trainees from other training courses, and Alexander teachers. If you have had prior experience in the Alexander technique you may make an application to attend the course.

The course fee includes tuition, single room accommodation and delicious vegetarian meals.

In 2025 our guest teacher is once again Jeando Masoero who will be visiting us from France.

"I have been working with Jeando doing online lessons for the past two years. Jeando is a long-time teacher of the technique who has translated Alexander's four books into French. He has developed a unique pedagogy, based on a deep understanding of the Alexander technique and an original and inquiring mind. Those two years of lessons have helped me to refine my own use, and to deepen my anatomical understanding of coordination and  "mechanical advantage. I always leave the lessons with inspiration and ideas which I can take into my own teaching practice. I am excited to be inviting Jeando to Australia and introducing his work to the Alexander technique community in a context that will give us time to go deeply into the work." David Moore

The course starts at noon on the Thursday and ends at noon on Monday. We have a very full program starting with yoga at 7am and continuing to the late afternoon, and for some days into the evening as well. We take a three hour break for lunch in the middle of the day, which gives us time to rest, explore the surrounding bush, or to go into Healesville for a coffee.

This year the course will also be attended by people training as Smart Yoga teachers at the Melbourne Yoga Centre, a two year training led by David Moore and Caroline Blackshaw. We will be running a yoga session for everyone in the early morning.

What a participants the 2023 & 2024 retreat says about their experience:

Jeando provided a safe and inclusive environment for us to experiment and play with conscious guidance and control. His warmth and compassion enabled both a rigorous discussion and the application of the Alexander Technique to a variety of activities. His depth of knowledge of Alexander’s writing along with his analytical understanding of use and functioning made for a powerful and clarifying experience.  - Julianne Eveleigh. Alexander teacher and vocal and acting coach.

Email to apply to attend this course.

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