11 - 15 March 2021

Maitripa Contemplation Centre near Healesville

Price: $850

The School has been running a residential course annually for almost 20 years, except for last year which was cancelled due to teh coronavirus. In addition to our Melbourne trainees, it has been attended by trainees from other training courses, and Alexander teachers. It is also open to those with prior experience in the Alexander Technique.

There will be a chance for trainees and teachers to workshop new group classes which they may wish to run in the future. And we will be working with a range of activities, Alexander procedures, working with the voice, developing hands-on and communication skill

The course starts at noon on the Thursday and ends at noon on Monday. We have a very full program starting with yoga at 7am and continuing to the late afternoon, and for some days into the evening as well. We take a three hour break for lunch in the middle of the day, which gives us time to rest, explore the surrounding bush, or to go into Healesville for a coffee.

This year the course will also be attended by people training as Smart Yoga teachers at the Melbourne Yoga Centre, a two year training led by David Moore and Caroline Blackshaw. We will be running a yoga sessions for everyone in the early morning and then other sessions will be concurrently with other classes. 

David Moore, director of the school and Jenny Thirtle, the assistant director will be the main teachers on this course​

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