Tai Chi 
with Lynne Conway

Tuesdays 11.00 am to 12.15 pm - Eight classes starting 18 May 2021

(Dates 18, 25 May, 1, 8, 15 June, two week break, 6, 13, 20 July)


Small class size (max 8)

Cost – $120 ($80 concession) Payable on registration

About the classes

This class is suitable for beginners and those with some experience who want to explore “unlocking” the flow of chi.  As well as learning tai chi forms we will use Alexander Technique tools to help recognize and change habitual patterns of movement and posture that block the internal energy flow.


In the first term we will cover:

 Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi

This Qigong form is easy to learn over a couple of weeks.  It has few foot movements, but it includes two of the more complex arm movements that are important in virtually all tai chi forms.  It’s also a great way to start to experience the movement of chi. 



 Yang Style Tai Chi Foundation 8 Form

This is a sequence of 8 foundation movements of Yang style Tai Chi and is an excellent introduction to the longer 85 Form.  Once you feel comfortable with the form, you can start to concentrate on the six characteristics of tai chi (https://www.pkshiu.com/tai-chi/six-characteristics-of-tai-chi ).


Enquiries:                elcon@outlook.com.au     mobile 0411 405 232

About Lynne

 I have been learning classical Yang Style tai chi for five years with Charles Leong, a disciple of Xi’an-based Master Zhao Youbin.  I have attended advanced classes with Master Zhao in Xi’an and in Thailand.  I am also a teacher of the Alexander Technique.  Like others before me, I find these two systems, entirely complementary.  Both are pathways to balancing body and mind in stillness and in movement with each enhancing the other.