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Julianne Eveleigh

Alexander technique and voice teacher

Julianne is a graduatge of the School for F. m. Alexander Studies, She originally trained as an actor in the UK where she worked both in theatre and television before returning to Australia and specialising as a voice teacher. She has spent the past 30 years working with performers, professionals, students and anyone interested in exploring their voices. Her work focuses on the dynamic relationship between vocal and physical expression.She has a Masters Degree in the Alexander technique and voice.

Before joining the Arts Academy at Federation University in 2008, Julianne taught voice at the National Theatre Drama School and at the Victorian College of the Arts on the Acting and Musical Theatre programs. It was her interest in working with the embodied voice led her to embark on a three year Alexander Technique Training course.

She has now retired from Federation University and runs a private practice in Ballarat.

Julianne Eveleigh
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