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Looking after your vision

with David Moore 

Sunday 15 September, 2024

10am to 1pm

Price: $80

Venue: Yoga Hut, 145 Cochrane Street


If you are suffering from eye strain, the tension headaches caused by eye strain and/or deteriorating vision this workshop will provide you with much of interest. Most people with eye or vision problems will have noticed that there are often major variations in the in the sense of strain and the clarity of vision over a day and over longer periods of time. These variations are related to mind/body fluctuations. When we are more coordinated and relaxed these symptoms ameliorate.

The Alexander technique gives us the ability to bring conscious awareness and intention to having some control over those fluctuations.Our eyes are not separated from the rest of our mind and body, and the Alexander technique works with unraveling mental and physical habits which  impact on our vision as well as on the our overall well-being.

There is an approach to vision improvement derived from Dr Bates, which uses a number of different vision exercises to improve vision. What people often notice is that unless these exercises are repeated daily then the improvement may not stay. Our approach is also informed by some of the insights of Bates and draws out some of the close relationships between the work Bates and Alexander. We will explore how we can bring the use of the eyes which are encouraged in Bate's exercises into our conscious everyday living. We will begin to understand how straining the eyes, staring and squinting are whole body/mind activities. We will begin to expand our awareness to the whole of ourselves as we expand our vision and energy into the environment.

Here are a couple of links to articles by Alexander teachers which you may find helpful if you are considering doing this course.

How the Alexander technique helps my vision by Jeffrey Glazer

The use of the eyes and the use of the self by Aino Kippel

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