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Yoga and the Alexander Technique in Sydney

with David Moore
November 5, 2016: 10am to 5pm
Cost $165 or $180 including a copy of Yoga and the Alexander Technique valued at $29.95
At The White Loft, First Floor, 113B Willoughby Rd, Crows Nest, 2065

This will be an intensive hands-on workshop looking at the application of the Alexander Technique to yoga practice. The approach taken in the workshop is outlined in David's book "Yoga and the Alexander Technique: Intelligent, Injury-Free Yoga"  

Yoga, as traditionally taught was, like the Alexander Technique,  a practice focused on and developed around the particular needs of each individual student. This was a very different approach to that taken in classes which are frequently taught today where everybody follows the lead of a teacher in going through a series of yoga poses regardless of the usefulness (or harm) of those poses for the individual members of the class and frequently regardless of how people are doing those poses.

In this course we will examine the type of poses which work for individual participants, we will look at participants habitual patterns of posture and movement with special focus on identifying and changing those patterns which cause strain and distress in everyday life and which may also be taken into the practice of yoga.

Please book here for workshop only and here workshop plus the book.