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Yoga and Alexander Technique in London
Afternoon Workshop for Teachers

With David Moore and Rossella Buono

19 June, 2024 from 2.30 - 5.00pm
Fee: £30

Venue; Constructive Teaching Centre, 13, Imperial Wharf the Boulevard, 13 The Blvd, London SW6 2UB

This course will be of particular interest to Alexander teachers and trainees who practice yoga themselves or who want to develop their skills and knowledge in working with their students who do practice yoga.

In this workshop David will base his teaching on 38 vears experience of developing the integrated use of yoga and Alexander Technique principles, creating "Smart Yoga", the book, the online course and an international community of teachers and yoga practitioners.


The workshop will cover:


  • Developing teaching and hands-on skills

  • Misconceptions and the underlying movement patterns which are commonly found in those practicing yoga

  • Modifying yoga practice, to suit a range of body types, flexibility and strength, structural issues and injury

  • Safety considerations in practicing yoga

  • Dealing with pain and injury

  • How Hatha Yoga, Patanjali, and Buddhist insight practices relate to the Alexander Technique​

  • Teaching the Alexander Technique while teaching yoga  

  • Balancing the autonomic nervous system 

  • For teachers - developing teaching skills and hands-on guidance


Rossella will bring ideas and suggestions to make your business more visible and a precious resource in your area for those interested in movement


This session will be part theory part practical experience, please bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothing.

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