17 - 23 June, 2020

THE FONTEMAGGIO ASSISI RETREAT Has been specially developed for yoga instructors, Alexander Technique teachers and those who are serious, curious and open-minded about their yoga practice.

Under David Moore's guidance you will find much of interest in working in a new way with familiar or unfamiliar poses. With thirty years of teaching experience in the Alexander Technique and yoga, David brings fresh and practical insights into how the Alexander Technique can contribute to yoga practice.

David will invite enquiry from participants and draw on his highly regarded book 'Smart Yoga' during the Retreat. David and Rossella, take into account the wide variability in participants' ability and range of movement, and use these differences as a springboard to examine how we might deal intelligently with personal variability.

Workshop Program in Europe 2020

with David Moore

I am just in the process or organising my teaching schedule for next year in Europe.

Here are dates for workshops which I have planned up to now.

17 - 22 June - Retreat at Assisi, Italy

27 - 29 June - Workshop at Pardubice, Czech Republic

11 - 13 July - Workshop in Gotenborg, Sweden

17 - 19 July - Workshop in Canterbury, UK

24 - 26 July - Workshop in York, UK 

Canterbury Yoga & Alexander Technique

July 17 - 19, 2020

Three days out in Canterbury, the beautiful heart of Kent, two days of learning with David Moore,

author of "Smart Yoga: Apply the Alexander Technique to Enhance Your Practice, Prevent Injury, and Increase Body Awareness "

In this workshop we will examine how the Alexander Technique can be applied to and inform both yoga practice and daily living. This small class size will ensure that everyone receives individual attention. Yoga or Alexander Technique teachers attending the class will benefit by considering how to work with their own students.

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Workshops & Lessons Overseas 
Workshops and retreats are a great way to consolidate your understanding and practical application of the Alexander Technique whether new to the Technique or a seasoned practitioner. While the Alexander Technique is a central element, many of our events focus on a variety of activities to which Alexander Technique can be applied including voice and yoga. As well, there is generally the opportunity to book additional private lessons. 

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