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Smart Yoga Classes – the application of the Alexander Technique to yoga practice

Classes are held weekly are held weekly at the following times (Melbourne)
• Tuesdays 7am
• Wednesdays 6pm
• Cost
AUD$23,  (25% discount for 5 classes prepaid)
Contact us for a Zoom link

Preparing for an online yoga class on Zoom

  1. Set up your device so that it is possible for me to see you online from head to feet. I can manage with less, but then I must make an (educated) guess.

  2. Have the light in front of you and not behind you.

  3. Wear light coloured clothing as it is much easier for me to see you

  4. Make sure that your clothing is not the same colour as your background.

  5. I will mute everyone, but you can unmute yourselves. It is fine to ask questions

  6. You will need the following
    - books for under your head
    - a yoga mat
    - two straps or belts
    - a chair with a back and as flat a seat as possible
    - blocks, blankets and bolsters – have more than you think that you will need
    - a 60 – 80cm ruler or stick (dowel)


  7. If you have any further questions or if there is anything which I need to know about you, feel free to email me prior to the start of the class 

  8. I prefer to have a quick chat to anyone new who is attending for the first time prior to the start of the class so that I can get information which will help me to observe and instruct. If you email me, I will be online 5 to 10 minutes prior to the start of the class to talk to you privately.


Please note: In these online Zoom classes I will give both general and individual instructions based on what I can observe on Zoom. None of the poses which we are doing should create pain in your neck, back, hips, knees, or any areas of existing injury and if they are you need to stop and inform the teacher who may help you to modify those poses or ask you to pause while others do the pose. Everyone will be muted during the class, but you can unmute yourself if you need to ask questions or get more clarification.




A thirty minute class all on the floor

Hatha Yoga is an ancient system of harmonizing and centering mind, body and spirit.

 The yoga postures or asanas were developed in a traditional Indian society, amongst a society without chairs and consequently members of that society were more flexible in cross-legged sitting and squatting.

Rather than trying to get people to force their bodies into the shape of some of the classic yoga postures,

SMART YOGA encourages people to move in ways that promote an opening and freedom, without putting pressure on the neck, back or knees, areas that are often injured by people trying to force their bodies into inappropriate movements.

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