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Recommended Material for Students
Trainee Booklist

Trainees are required to own at a minimum the following books. Please buy Alexander's books as soon as possible as editions tend to go in and out of print and to not be available when we are using them on the course.

Recommended Reading for Trainees

Here is a list of recommended reading for trainees. At a minimum, by the end of the course trainees should have read all titles marked with an asterisk(*). Most of these books are in the student library and can be borrowed.

Books by F.M. Alexander
Other books on the Alexander Technique

Aitken, S (ed) - Paths to the Alexander Technique, HITE, UK, 2015
Armstrong J (ed) - Never Ask Why Novis, Denmark, 2001

Balk M & Shields A - Master the Art of Running: Raising Your Performance with the Alexander Technique Collins & Brown, London, 2009

Balk, M - Master the Art of Working Out Collins and Brown, UK, 2007

*Barlow, M & Davies, TA - An Examined Life Mornum Time Press, San Francisco, 2002

*Barlow W - Alexander Technique Inner Traditions 1991

Barlow W - More Talk of Alexander Gollancz, London, 1978

*Binkley G - Expanding Self STAT Books, London, 1993

Bloch M - The Life of Frederick Matthias Alexander Little Brown, London 2004

Caplan D - Back Trouble Triad Publishing, Gainsville US 1987

*Carrington W - Personally Speaking: on the Alexander Technique in Discussion With Sean Carey Mouritz, London, 2001

Carrington W - Foundations of Human Wellbeing STAT Books, London, 1994

Carrington W - Explaining the Alexander Technique Sheildrake Press, London, 1992

*Carrington W - The Act of Living Mornum Time Press, San Francisco, 1999

*Carrington W - Thinking Aloud Mornum Time Press, San Francisco, 1994

*Carrington W A - Time to Remember Sheildrake Press, London, 1996

*Chance J - Principles of the Alexander Technique Singing Dragon, London, 2013

Chapman K & Morris K - Yoga and the Alexander Technique Self Published, Australia 2010

Conable B - Marjorie Barstow: Her teaching and training Andover Road Press, Columbus, OH, 1989 (out of print)

*Conable B - How to Learn the Alexander Technique Andover Road Press, Columbus, OH, 1995
*Dimon, T - The Use of the Hands in Teaching 2015

Dimon, T - Elements of Skill North Atlantic Books, Berkley CA, 2004

Dimon, T - Undivided Self Souvenir Press, London, 1999

Dart R - Skill and Poise STAT Books, London, 1996
Drake, J - The Alexander Technique in Everyday Life, HarperCollins Publishers Limited, 1996

Easten, P The Alexander Technique: 12 Fundamentals of Integrated Movement Handspring Publishing 2021

*Gelb M - Body Learning Aurum Press, London, 2004

*Goldberg M - Beginning From the Beginning Marion Goldberg, Washington, DC, 1996

*Cranz G - The Chair Norton, NY, 2000

*Gounaris C (ed.) - Taking Time: Six Interviews with First Generation Teachers Novis, Denmark 2000

*de Alcantara P - Indirect Procedures Oxford University Press, New York US, 2013

*de Alcantara P - Alexander Technique: A Skill for Life, The Crowood Press, Ramsbury GB, 1999

Evans JA - F. Matthias Alexander: A Family History Phillimore, Chichester, UK, 2001

*Fischer JMO (ed.) - Philosopher's Stone: Diaries of Lessons Mouritz, London, 1998

Forsstrom B & Hampson M - Alexander Technique for Pregnancy and Childbirth, Orion, London, 1995

*Freeman, CG - Autism and Alexander Technique, Self-published, Charleston NC USA, 2014

Grennell J - Directed Activities Mouritz, London, 2002

*Pierce Jones F- Freedom to Change Mouritz, London, 1997

Heirich RJ - Voice and the Alexander Technique Mournum Time Press, Berkley, CA, 2005

*Macdonald P - As I See It Sussex Academic Press, UK 1989

Machover, I & Drake, A & J - Alexander Technique Birth Book Mouritz, London 1993

Madden C - Onstage Synergy: Integrative Alexander Technique Practice for Performing Artists Intellect Books, Bristol, 2014

Madden,C (ed)  - Galvanizing Performance : The Alexander Technique as a Catalyst for Excellence Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London 2017

Madden, C - Integrative Alexander Technique Practice for Performing Artists : Onstage Synergy Intellect Books, Bristol, UK 2014

Madden, C - Teaching the Alexander Technique : Active Pathways to Integrative Practice Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London 2018

McCullough - The Alexander Technique and the String Pedagogy of Paul Rolland: A research paper Arazona State University, 1996

McLeod, R Up from Downunder: the Australian Origins for F.M. Alexander and the Alexander Technique Rosslyn MdLeod, Australia

*Moore, D - Smart Yoga: Apply the Alexander Technique to Enhance Your Practice, Prevent Injury, and Increase Body Awareness

*Moore, D -  Kindle edition: Smart Yoga: Apply the Alexander Technique to Enhance Your Practice, Prevent Injury, and Increase Body Awareness

Nettl-Fiol, R & Vanier, L - Dance and the Alexander Technique: Exploring the Missing Link University of Illinois Press 2011

Nicholls, C - Body, Breath & Being: A new guide to the Alexander Technique D & B Publishing, UK 2008
Nicholls, C - Posture Workbook D & B Publishing, UK, 2012

Park G - Art of Changing Ashgrove Publishing, Bath GB, 2005

*Rootberg R (ed) Living the Alexander Technique: Interviews with Nine Senior Teachers Off the Commons Books, 2015 

*Rootberg R (ed) Aging with poise: Interviews with eleven senior teachers Off the Common Books, 2018

Stratil, R Irene Tasker: Her life and work with the Alexander technique Mouritz 2020

Shaw S - Master the Art Of Swimming ANOVA, London, 2005

Staring, J - Frederick Matthias Alexander 1869 - 1955 Integraal, Nijmegen, Netherlands

*Sontag J (ed.) - Curiosity Recaptured Mornum Time Press, San Francisco, 1996

Stevens, C - Alexander Technique: An introductory guide Vermillion, London 1997

Stratil, R - Irene Tasker: Her life and Work Mouritz, London 2022

*Tasker I - Connecting Links Sheildrake Press, London, 1978

Vineyard, M - How You Stand, How You Move, How You Live Nation Books, New York, 2007

Weed D - What You Think Is What You Get ITM Publications Bristol, UK 2004

*Westfeldt L - F. Matthias Alexander: The Man and His Work Mouritz, London, 1998

Books on Voice and Performance
Books on Vision
Anatomy Texts

There is no definitive anatomy text for the course. Most of these books are in our library available for reference at the school. You may also  wish to purchase several for your personal library for continuing reference.
At present we are structuring some of the anatomy course around two video presentations. You may wish to own one or both of these videos.

Calais-Germain, B - Anatomy of Movement Princeton Book Co, Pennington, US, 2008

*Deane, J - Job's Body: A Handbook for Bodywork Station Hill, USA, 2003

Dimon, T - Anatomy of the Moving Body North Atlantic Books, Berkley CA 2008

Dimon T - The Body in Motion: its Evolution and Design North Atlantic Books 2011

Edwards A, Imwold D & Parker J (ed) - Human Body Atlas Five Mile Press, Sydney 2002

*Ellson, LM & Kapit, W - The Anatomy Coloring Book (4th Edition) Pearson, Essex, 2013

Gordon, JE - Structures or Why Things Don't Fall Down Penguin, London, GB, 1991

*Gorman, D - Body Movable Vancouver, 1981

Gray, H - Gray's Anatomy Crown Publishers, NY, 1978
Kapandji, IA - Physiology of the Joints Elselvier Health Sciences, London, 2008

*Keleman, S-  Emotional Anatomy Center Press
Myers, TW - Anatomy Trains: Myofascial Meridians for Manual Therapist and Movement Professionals Eslevier 2020

*Rolf, I Rolfing: Re-establishing the Natural Alignment and Structural Integration of the Human Body for Vitality and Well-Being Inner Traditions Bear and Co, Rochester, US, 1999
Schuenke, M et al  - Thieme Atlas of Anatomy: General Anatomy and Musculoskeletal System Thieme Medical Publishers Inc, NY, 2010
*Schultz, RL & Feitis R - The Endless Web: Fascial Anatomy & Physical Reality North Atlantic Books, Berkley CA, 1996

Stone, RA & JA - Atlas of Skeletal Muscles Wm C Brown, USA, 1997

*Todd, ME -Thinking Body Princeton Book Co, US, 1980
Turner, JS - Tinkerer's Accomplace: How Design Emerges from Life Itself Harvard University Press, USA 2007


The rapid development of this area of study in recent years has started to move generally accepted scientific opinion to an acceptance of the reality of neuroplasticity on which the practice of the Alexander Technique is based.

Other Books

Acosta J & Prager JS - The Worst is Over – Verbal First Aid to Calm, Relieve Pain and Promote Healing and Save Lives Jodere Group 2002

Bandler R & Grinder J - Reframing Real People Press, Moab, Utah, 1989

Bandler R & Grindler J - Trance-formations Real People Press, Moab, Utah, 1981
Bandler R & Grindler J - Structure of Magic Vol 1 Science and Behaviour Press, USA, 1990

Barber, Cam - What's Your Message?: Public Speaking with Twice the Impact, Using Half the Effort Vivid Learning, 2016

Barber, Cam - What's Your Message?: Public Speaking with Twice the Impact, Using Half the Effort Kindle Edition, Vivid Learning 2016

*Burns, D - Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy Avon Books, 2000

*Dewey, J - Human Nature and Conduct, 2012

Dewey, J - Democracy and Education Myers Education Press 2018

Gelb, M - Present Yourself Jalmar Press, Carson, CA, 1988

Hannah T - Body of Life Alfred N Knopf, NY, 197922222

*Herrigal E - Zen in the Art of Archery Penguin/Arkana, London, 1985

Holt J - How Children Learn Penguin, UK, 1970

Holt J - How Children Fail Dell Publishing, NY, 1964

Huxley, A - Ends and Means Greenwood Publishing Group, Westport, CT, USA, 1970

Keleman S - Embodying Experience Center Press, Berkley, 1987

Kogan G (ed.) - Your Body Works: A Guide to Health Energy and Balance And/Or Press, Berkeley 1980

*Langer EJ - The Power of Mindful Learning De Capo Press, Cambridge, MA/US, 1998

Lankton S - Practical Magic Meta Publications, Cupertino, CA 1980

Lowen A - Bioenergetics Penguin, UK, 1976

Lowen A - Language of the Body Collier Books, NY, 1971
Miller BS (trans) - Yoga: the Discipline of Freedom: Yoga Sutra of Patanjali Bantam, NY, 1998

McGill S - Low Back Disorders Human Kinetics, Champaign, 2007

O'Connor J - Principles of NLP Jessica Kinsgley Publishers, London, 2013

O'Connor J & Seymour J - Training With NLP Thorsons, London, 1994

Sarno JE - Healing Back Pain Warner Books, NY, 1991

Stern, J - Ending Back Pain: 5 Powerful Steps to Diagnose, Understand, and Treat Your Ailing Back Penguin, 2014

Business and Marketing
Other Resources

Alexander Technique Journals:

Direction Journal
The Alexander Journal
Conscious Control


Other Journals

Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies Churchill Livingstone


Internet Resources - Alexander Technique

Armstrong, J - Various Articles
*Barstow, M  - Aphorisms
*Fawcett, C - Steadicam Posture
*Murdock, R - Born To Sing
Alexander Technique podcasts

Other Internet Resources

Focal Dystonia: A Musician's Resource

Brain Science Podcast

Body Leaning Podcast - Alexander Technique with Robert Rickover

Delsarte, Alexander, Masoero, You - A series of YouTube videos.

Initial Alexander Technique website: many articles by Jeando Masoero

Initial Alexander Technique - YouTube

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