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Private lessons with David Moore
These are lessons, not treatments. In these lessons you will get detailed feedback on your habitual patterns of movement and posture and be provided with guidance to change ingrained and subconscious patterns which may create pain and dysfunction or may interfere with optimal performance in specific activities which you would like to improve and master.

The director of the school, David Moore teaches lessons at 24 Latona Avenue, Preston. The venue is on the West Preston 11 tram route, stop 39, Latona Avenue.


There is plenty of parking available. . 

What can I work with in private lessons?

People come for lessons to deal with many different issues.
• Anxiety and depression are embedded physically as well as at cognitive and emotional levels and many people find the Alexander technique an essential element in alleviating their distress.
• Muscular and skeletal pain. These lessons offer an alternative to a whole gamut of treatments from the less invasive and potentially damaging like massage to treatments which a much higher level of risk like surgery and medication.
• Recovery from injury or stroke. In these lessons we can look at the type of exercises which people have been given to help restore function. It is important to ensure that such exercises performed in a way that coordinates the whole body and don’t create unintended issues elsewhere. With over 35 years of experience in yoga teaching as well as the Alexander technique David is well placed to provide expert guidance.
• Parkinson’s Disease. The technique can supply a intervention to help to deal with many of the symptoms of this disease
• Voice and breathing. The technique was developed in the first place as a way of overcoming breathing and vocal problems
• Skilled performance. The technique is taught world-wide in many performing arts academies to students wishing to refine their technique and performance.
• Sports and fitness. The techique offers that possibility of using the body efficiently to reduce the likelihood of injury and to refine performance.

How many lessons will I need?

It depends on what you want to achieve. Normally a course of 20 to 30 lessons will give people the tools to be able to work on themselves so that they can continue to improve. There are just a few in-depth studies, but large and well- conducted study on dealing with back-pan found that as little as 6 lessons was effective, but the 24 were much more effective on providing more long-term relief.
But come to one lesson first to see how it works and if you would like to sign up for more

Where are the lessons held?

24 Latona Avenue Preston.
David teaches once a month at Anglesea and has limited lessons in Richmond.

What should I wear and bring to the lessons?

You will need to wear clothes in which you can move easily.
We normally work with shoes off, but we may want to look at walking in your shoes as well. If you are a runner then bring your running shoes.
If you are a musician, then bring your instrument if that is possible.

What is the cost of the lessons?

• 1-hour lessons (for the initial lesson and if you are coming less than twice a week) $110
• 30-minute lessons $75

• A course of 10 lessons (first lesson one hour and subsequent lessons 30 minutes $700

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