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Pain Management

Why surgery, drugs and treatments don't work for most  chronic and recurring pain

Have you ever asked yourself after visiting the umpteenth doctor, chiropractor, physiotherapist, massage therapist etc. etc and/ or consuming a range of different  of medications, and/or (even worse) having an operation why nothing seems to work for your chronic pain?


There is a good reason for that in many cases. While there are a big range of practitioners who can do wonders for acute spasms or physical injuries, treating ongoing chronic painful conditions is simply not the way to go. Treatments are not likely to kill. However, medications can  and cause a whole raft of side effects ranging from severe gastric ulcers to severe addiction and death. And surgery can just as easily make things worse.


Many practitioners love to diagnose a whole range of reasons for your pain. (Sometimes that explanation differs from one practitioner to another). It's because of a slipped disc, narrowing of the spinal canal or "degeneration" (what do you expect at your age?)  and  so on. However it is well known that scans of people's spines are notoriously unreliable in predicting who has pain where. Many people with scans showing "degeneration", "slipped discs", narrowing to the spinal canal and so forth have no significant pain, while others with what look like normal spines are in chronic pain.


Because most chronic pain conditions are caused by what you are doing with yourself!!  And the only way to begin to deal with the pain is to change what you are doing with yourself!! This is where the Alexander Technique comes in. The technique is not a treatment but teaches you to change ingrained habits of body and mind which cause and sustain pain.


So welcome to our web-site. Spend some time here seeing what we have to offer in terms of an effective approach to changing ingrained and unconscious habits of mind and body. Below are links relating to common conditions and how the Alexander Technique can deal with then.

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More about pain conditions and the Alexander Technique


RSI - hand arm and shoulder pain

An in-depth article by David Moore 

An article


A case study of how the application of the Alexander Technique overcame a chronic whiplash injufy..

A testimonial

Neck Pain

How a surgeon overcame his neck pain.


Back Pain: How the Alexander Technique can help

Lots of links to further information and studies


British Medical Journal Research Report on Back Pain

Trial Shows Alexander Technique Effective at Reducing Back Pain


From a Pregnant Student

Letter about our Yoga classes for pregnant women

Written by Claire Flanagan-Smith

Related Application

Scheuermann's Disease/Kyphosis

Scheuermann's Disease is characterized by a deformation caused wedging at the front of the thoracic vertebrae (the vertebrae of the upper back) which causes an increased thoracic curve.


Running and Back Pain

Written by Roy Palmer


Posture is Not Improved by Trying Harder ...

Written by Roy Palmer


2004 Pelvic & Lower Back Pain Presentation

The Alexander Technique and Back Pain

Written by David Moore

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