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Melbourne Workshops and Courses

Voice and Performance Intensive



Tuesdays from 3 September 2024  for 9 weeks.

9am - 1pm

This course runs over nine consecutive Tuesdays and is run as part of our professional training course. Each session will include a short individual lesson for each participant, a group class looking at how our coordination affects our voice and breathing and a "performance group" when each person will work with a teacher on some aspect of voice and performance.

Melbourne Workshops and Courses

Anglesea Workshops in October



Sunday 6 October 2024

10 am -  1pm

2 - 5pm

David Moore is running a morning and an afternoon workshop in Anglesea

The morning will focus on feet and the afternoon on the application of the Alexander technique to yoga - Smart Yoga.

Melbourne Workshops and Courses

Alexander Technique for Guitarists



Saturday 21 September, 2024

10.00am - 1.00pm

In this monring workshop we will look at the effect of our overall posture and movement patterns on our relationship to the guitar and how to find more ease.

This workshop will be followed in the afternoon by a workshop for singers

Melbourne Workshops and Courses

Alexander Technique Singers' Workshop

Saturday  21 September, 2024

2pm - 5pm .

Join Jenny Thirtle and other teachers at the school in an in deep dive into the Alexander technique' s application to singing.

This coursse follows a morning workshop for guitarists

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