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Training Course Testimonials

I came to the School for F.M. Alexander Studies Teacher Training to enhance my teaching practice. The technique has radicalised how I think about and teach Voice and Acting. The School for F.M. Alexander Studies is an excellent environment for training Alexander technique teachers. Senior faculty members are highly skilled. They keep abreast of advancements in AT pedagogy and are dedicated in facilitating each student to develop their own teaching style while maintaining the essence of the technique. To that end the director of the school ensures that students have many opportunities to work with visiting international master teachers. The school also provides comprehensive support and mentoring for new graduates of the school. I can highly recommend this school to anyone who is seriously considering training for teacher qualifications in the Alexander Technique.

-      Tony Smith, Lecturer in Theatre (Voice) at Victorian College of the Arts, graduate of The School for F.M Alexander Studies

During the years that I have spent training in and exploring different dance and bodywork techniques, it is the Alexander Technique and the three-year teacher training that has had one of the most profound influences upon me. It has not only exerted its influence upon me, but has exerted influence upon and supported the integration of many of the other techniques I have learned. The emphasis on undoing habitual movement choices and pathways, undoing preconceived ideas of body and mind in order to recover a natural freedom of movement and thought continues to be a challenging, rewarding and endless process.

These days my improvisation and choreographic work arises from a deep, inner motivation and understanding that I know would not be the same without the Alexander Technique.

 -      Fiona Bryant, Dancer, Choreographer, PhD Candidate at the VCA, graduate of The School for F.M Alexander Studies

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