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Sarah Cathcart

Sarah Cathcart is an award winning director, writer and actor and a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts.

A highly respected teacher of acting, Sarah has taught hundreds of people – from beginners to professional actors - over the last twenty-five years. Currently teaching in the Foundation Programme in acting at the Victorian College of the Arts, she has taught at Victoria University, Swinburne University, La Trobe University, Rusden State College, St Paul’s School USA and guest lectured at Leicester Polytechnic in the UK.

Sarah is also a qualified teacher of the Alexander Technique.

Teaching the Alexander Technique

Sarah teaches the Alexander Technique one on one and also in groups, specializing in public speaking, acting, singing and playing musical instruments. She also teaches the technique to be applied in everyday life so students learn to move more freely whether that be jogging, working at the computer, walking, lifting, sitting, driving etc.

Corporate Experience

Sarah applies her skills to the corporate sector, coaching barristers on court presentation, business leaders in public speaking and marriage celebrants. Here she also works in groups or coaches one on one.


Her skills focus on:

  • Presence, power and connection to the voice

  • Overcoming nerves to find ease and confidence

  • Claiming the space and connecting with the audience

  • Planning, researching and writing presentations

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