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Body Mapping - A Course in Practical Anatomy

This course will be run over thee days by Jane Shellshear a registered Andover Educator and Alexander Technique Teacher.

Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 April, 2020

Fee $250 plus GST $25= $275

In a very real sense, your body has another existence in your brain. Your concepts or ideas about how you are built and how you function is your ‘body map’. This cortical map is sufficiently flexible to represent a wide range of motor behaviours learned over time. 


Our body maps govern our movement. If our maps are adequate and accurate, our movement is efficient and healthy. If our maps are inadequate or inaccurate, our movement can be awkward and even cause injury. Fortunately, body maps are subject to considerable plasticity and can be changed.


Over this weekend you will learn how to embody correct anatomical information thereby cultivating beautifully efficient movement. We will also look at using this same process to assist students/clients in their own learning process. 

Jane Shellshear is an Alexander technique teacher and and an accredited Andover Educator. Jane ran a session at the 2019 conference of the  Australian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, and I was impressed enough to invite her to do her full course at the school this year, both for our trainees and others.

This work was first developed by Barbara Conable for working with musicians. This course will, of course,be of great value to any musician wanting to apply greater understanding to the  use of their body and voice. It will also be of interest to a wide range of teachers in other disciplines and body-work practitioners.

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