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as of March 18, 2020

Given the strong recommendations from the government regarding  social distancing and the very close hands-on nature of our work we have come to the following arrangements at the school:

Alexander Technique Teacher Training Course

From Tuesday 17 March 2020 we have closed the training course with a tentative restarting date at the start of term three which is 27 July 2020. Should the situation improve before that time you will be notified. 

Smart Yoga Training Course

The residential course has been cancelled and the course will be put on hold for the next term with a provisional starting date of Monday, July 27, 2020. However, Caroline and I are going to be working on getting some of the Body Mapping, and theory classes running online via Zoom starting next term i.e. 13 April 2020.

Alexander Technique Private Lessons

David Moore has chosen not to teach private lessons and has cancelled all future bookings. But Teresa Mears is available for the time being for those of you who would like to have lessons. Of course, anyone with a cold or any other risk factors should not attend.

Teresa can be contacted directly by email at or 0435 609 551

Yoga Classes

All classes will continue except for the Thursday lunchtime class which is cancelled until further notice. If the weather is fine, Teresa will hold the classes in the park on the corner of Byrne and Holden Streets, Fitzroy North - Holden Byrne Reserve. The park is one block west of the school. She will take some mats and chairs, but people are encouraged to bring their own mats. You should also bring your own straps or belts and books for under your head.

The 6am early morning class (and other classes when the weather is inclement) Teresa will work in the big room at the school with a maximum of 5 people to allow you to spread out. Please text Teresa if you want to secure a spot to make sure you are not turned away if too many people show up.

Teresa will teach these classes with verbal instructions and demonstrations.

Skype Lessons

Teresa and Jenny are looking at the possibility of giving Skype lessons. Contact the school for more information.

Introduction to Alexander Technique 

with David Moore

SUNDAY April 19


Introduction to Alexander/SmartYoga 

with David Moore

SUNDAY April 19


Voice and Performance


9 week intensive course 


starting April 16

 End of the Year 


27-31 DECEMBER  

with David Moore and other teachers from the School

Italian Retreat in Assisi

Join David Moore, Rossella Buono and other teachers for a week of learning and rejuvenation in historic Assisi. This retreat has been specially developed for yoga instructors, Alexander Technique teachers, and those who are serious, curious and open-minded about their yoga practice.


Smart Yoga Classes

Each school term you can choose from our regular morning, lunchtime and evening classes. All our teachers are qualified Alexander Technique teachers and hold a Certificate in Yoga and Alexander Technique Teaching. 

Please visit our MELBOURNE YOGA 

CENTRE website for more information and class schedule.


Alexander Technique

Teacher Training

The School has been Melbourne's hub for Alexander Technique learning and events for the general public and practitioners. We offer a three-year full-time Alexander Technique teacher training course.

Get in touch to find out how you can take your interest in Alexander Technique learning to the next level. 

Smart Yoga

In his best-selling illustrated book Smart Yoga, David Moore brings together thirty years of teaching experience in the Alexander 

Technique and yoga. David presents fresh and practical insight into how the Alexander Technique can contribute to yoga practice. More than and instruction manual, this book, complete with visual examples, offers readers a critical approach to yoga practice. For yoga instructor, Alexander Technique teacher and those who are serious curious and open-minded about their yoga practice. 

body mapping manual (2).jpg

Body Mapping Manual

This illustrated manual was developed to support the delivery of the unit "Body Mapping: Use body mapping to improve movement and posture" taught as a part of the Advanced Diploma for Alexander Technique Teacher Training. The publication will be an asset to a range of environments including those where teacher or trainers are wanting to extend experiential teaching and learning. The content can be applied to various physical skills, activity or clinical situations where therapists are treating clients or advising them on postural and/or movement issues.