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The School for F.M. Alexander Studies was set up in Melbourne by David Moore in 1998 and has been training Alexander teachers in Melbourne since then.

This website provides information about the ongoing training as well as other programs taught by David Moore and other teachers at the school in Melbourne, elsewhere in Australia and overseas.

You will also find a description of the Alexander technique and a lot of in-depth articles about the Alexander technique and about the application of the technique to yoga.

Below are just some of what we are offering


Smart Yoga Classes

David Moore and Caroline Blackshaw are offering a range of classes in different locations in Melbourne.

  • Mondays  Brighton 7.15 - 8.30 pm

  • Tuesdays Brighton 9.15- 10.30am

  • Tuesdays  North Fitzroy 1- 2pm

  • Tuesdays  Northcote 6 .30- 8.00pm

  • Thursdays Preston 3 - 4pm

  • Thursdays Brighton 9.15- 10.30am

  • Thursdays Preston 3 - 4 pm

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Alexander Technique Vocal Workshop

The Alexander technique was developed initially as a technique to heal and improve vocal functioning.

The school runs a term-long  intensive course four times a year on Tuesdays from 9am to 1pm.

Our next 5 week course begins on 14 November  at Richmond.


Alexander Technique Teacher Training Course

The School has been Melbourne's hub for Alexander Technique learning and events for the general public and practitioners. 

We offer a three-year full-time Alexander Technique teacher training course.

Get in touch to find out how you can take your interest in Alexander Technique learning to the next level. 

Term three starts 4 September


Alexander Technique and Yoga Retreat in Assisi, Italy

27 June - 3 July, 2024

Join David Moore and Rossella Buono at this beautiful and historic venue


There will be a full program through the mornings to lunchtime and then the later afternoon and evenings will be free fro a siesta, wandering through the city and also private lessons.


David Moore's European Workshops 2024

27 June to end of August, 2024

The following workshops,and residential retreats are organised or to be confirmed for 2024

  • Canterbury 15 - 16 June

  • London 19 June

  • Scarborough UK 21 - 23 June

  • Assisi 27 June - July 3

  • Cologne 25 July (TBC)

  • Dusseldorf 27 - 28  July

  • Lucemburg 31 July (TBC)

  • Gotenborg , Sweden 17-18 August

David is also available for private lessons during his visit to most of these places.


Alexander technique Intensive Weekend

9 & 10 December 2023

at Yoga Hut, 145 Cochrance St, Brighton.

With teachers from  the school

This workshop will provide an in-depth dive into the Alexander technique.

There are four separate segments which can be attended individually or you can stay for the whole weekend.



  • Saturday 10am - 1pm Dealing with negative mental states

  • Saturday 2 - 5pm - Going deeper into the AT

  • Sunday 10am - 1om - Applying AT to yoga

  • Sunday 2 - 5pm - Voice and Breathing

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Private Alexander Technique Lessons with David Moore

David Moore offers private lessons at in Preston,

You can book yourself in for a lesson online or contact him directly for more information

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David Moore's workshops and private lessons in Angelsea

Saturday 6 & Sunday 7 January 2024
with David Moore

David is offering a three hour workshops as well as offering private lessons on both days

On Saturday there is a foot workshop finding ease in walking.

On Sunday a workshop on improving our comfort in movement.


North Queensland Yoga and Alexander TechniqueRetreat

25 - 30 August 2023

With Jenny Thirtle – Assistant Director at the School of FM Alexander Studies, and Caroline Blackshaw, yoga and Alexander Technique Teacher from Yoga Hut, Brighton — for 5 wonderful days and nights in the North Queensland rainforest at the newly renovated Sanctuary Retreat, near Mission Beach

Feet picture.jpg

Foot workshop in Anglesea
Walk with ease

Saturday 6 January, 2024
10am - 1.00pm
with David Moore

This is a fully practical workshop we we will explore the patterns of posture and movement which can harm or help the health or your knees.

You have the option of also attneding a Sunday morning workshop on going deeper in the Alexander technique

And David is also available for private lessons on those two days.

smart yoga.png
Smart Yoga cover crop.jpg

Smart Yoga

In his best-selling illustrated book Smart Yoga, David Moore brings together thirty years of teaching experience in the Alexander 

Technique and yoga. David presents fresh and practical insight into how the Alexander Technique can contribute to yoga practice. More than and instruction manual, this book, complete with visual examples, offers readers a critical approach to yoga practice. For yoga instructor, Alexander Technique teacher and those who are serious curious and open-minded about their yoga practice. 


Tai Chi 

Join Lynne Conway to learn Yang Style Tai Chi and Qigong based on Alexander Technique principles.  Achieve inner stillness, flowing energy, balance and movement. Suitable for beginners and experienced.

New term starts 3 October 2023

Mondays 3.00-4.15 pm

Tuesdays 11.00am-12.15pm

Holden Street Neighbourhood House

body mapping manual (2).jpg

Body Mapping Manual

This illustrated manual was developed to support the delivery of the unit "Body Mapping: Use body mapping to improve movement and posture" taught as a part of the Advanced Diploma for Alexander Technique Teacher Training. The publication will be an asset to a range of environments including those where teacher or trainers are wanting to extend experiential teaching and learning. The content can be applied to various physical skills, activity or clinical situations where therapists are treating clients or advising them on postural and/or movement issues.   

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